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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

YoYo,Next semester coming...
everyday start from 8am except friday...
Somemore still Got individual presentation for SE115...HAIZ..is so Miserable....yEAR 2 IS A TOUGH YEAR...I need to manage my time to study and pass all the subjects....Dispensing compound is a hard subject midterm also have practical test....sos sos
Friday, June 4, 2010

i am not xiao ben dan anymore cause this name nO longer copyright by someone else....
so BAD =.=

The End ..end of xiao ben dan Now is xiao chong ming =)

7th June is a bad day
because result will be release on that day
dunno how bad i did
how was my med chem ?? i guess either resit or supp cause i fail quiz and no hope to pass final i guess so cause i know it ....i will not pass med chem i pass the sun rise from west..
Biostat depends on luck ba
Pns i really no idea if really unlucky fail le i will bang the wall cause wan me study 30 notes..
comskill , organic emm 50 50 ba
Pharmaco haiz miss priya again ...i begged her pass me....
Monday, May 31, 2010

Who is the fat pig monster??? I dun have the picture so u just have to imagine how does a pig look like and monster look like with combination of both...hehe
He has a big mouth ,like to play dota , perfect world until the next morning 4am play till Siao already.........
He is from a gang No bird gang ,like no bird every one...he got a leng lui sister..

....The End.....
Hey delicious dishes pork mee , Kaki corner, gei dak sek, Shabu- shabu
oMG i miss those food especially pork mee and shabu-shabu
bring me to those place as soon as possible....

Gosh someone is coming back from sg soon,is a she..emm i dun like her that much, since she like to disturb my life ...i dun wan to call her bitch like very bad to her but she really very very very kacau....plz la watch ur action got bf still act like xxxxx if u let ur bf know how does he feel....i will not take action on you i will sit and watch....

Next monday 7th June is my big day...Guess wat???? is final result release day...
Swt =.= Wat to say i already know how badly i did... Med Chem just mention this subject
i really mad =.= i dun know how to answer those question i think this mad chem i will fail just see resit or supp?Mr Lokesh also won that kind to pass me.....everything talk about money...rm250 flew away... Biostat haiz dunno will pass or not...pharmaco,organic ,comskill, Pns...hope for pass only...Gosh if PNS fail i can bang wall 30 notezz need to study.............

Group of 16 this group i dun think will no longer exist....all separate ....i dun like those 4 girls they change a lot ....not like before...now they already forget how good i treat them...i never did any bad things to them also ...but they treat me like shit....
Sunday, May 30, 2010

Donnie Yen he is my latest Idol from Hong Kong
From 14 blast he was so amazing ....hE is from material Arts..

Kung Fu so cool wow i want to learn from him..
Ip Man the way he beat Twistter ....Yeng
Going to search his picture....
IP Man must be watched=p
Thursday, May 27, 2010

Holiday finally, but after next week will be nervous
because final result release!!!!!
This few days sick again ,i need vaccination to increase my immunity...
I need H1n1 VACCINATION...
i hope no side effect....
Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hehe i am very busy after start uni until no time to write my blog. sorry i will be update my blog if i free....
2 lab report per week make me exhausted...
last week The Gen chem report make me kepala besar all about titration involve calculation..........
and must be hand in on the same day with organic chem.... sigh

Since enter uni everything is new for me and much more challenge then previous ......
Need to study everyday.....
and also asignment also come to me ....
only 3 weeks time to finish and submit , presentation on the same day.........
Tuesday is African day why i say so?
because 2 african lecturer teach me on the same day
Dr Gabriel organic chem and Mr Fotokun in health care.....
Health care very boring until i can sleep...............
i will continue next time .......... hehe
Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wow i have started my uni life le on thursday
thursday is oreintation is quite boring just sit there and listen to the talk
but i met some friends lol Huai Yee, Yong Yuan ,man yee, Angie, Lee Lian , Jessica, Winnie, Patrick and also year 2 senior Terrena, Minah, Kah Yin, Wei Keat, kah Keat, Siok Chean, Jrwin, Wei Khang....
we also have our photo session too
and food also provided on that day
afternoon we having a short campus tour and went to computer lab for chosing our courses
This semester i need to took 5 subjects but already fix
17 credits hours
then we went block c 406 listen to the head of pharmacy talk
quite boring there and 530pm only can go back......

Is freshies day
activities day
Theme crape diem meaning sieze the day
started on 830am
1st we have our 1st game
using fruits name forming groups
mango 6
jackfruit 14
watermelon 9
pineapple 8
durian 10
when they say durian we must form 10 people in our group
after form a group we must naming our group by using a drug name
our group name is " ASPIRIN" and leader is Patrick..
poor patrick...
members are me, Huai Yee, Man yee , Lee lian , Angie, Kah yin , wEI Keat, Yong Yuan, Winnie, Jessica...
Minah guide our Group
then we need to find out who is the senior in our group to get 100 bonus mark
yes we did it....
and leader must memories the members name to get 50 marks
yeas we did it
the next game is guessing name game is human name lol
members know the answer representive must answer in 30 minutes by asking question and members onky can answer yes or no
if represntive fail to answer then open to other groups...
Our group only get one right...
Passing a banana without fail
invole all member
Got 5 banana per group
2 person get a banana
deliver it by mouth Yack....
cannot crush or drop the banana..
i am the 1st one deliver T_T
our group is second
then we have a break with seniors at Macdonald...
we order same
Mac chicken...
after game continue the six game
using the equipment u get produce a poem ,song or acting
we get tissue paper
so we decide act and sing
Patrick acting while we singing
Oh my darling oh my darling
oh my darling tissue paper
You have flush and gone forever
end the story tissue paper...
our group get th 1st place....
6th game
acting by using a sentence
7th game
Forming the longest line in one minute
we sacrified our self everthing
but we din get top 3
8th game
i dunno how to play that game....
after the long game section ....
ASPIRIN our group is 2nd place
we receive our prizes
Digi note book , Digi pen without ink and also a Digi hang phone accesory.....
We also get signature and numbers from ours senior
choosing rap
and last is mentor mentee
junior will have one mentor
but too bad
mine mentor number is Not available
we going be my mentor???
then is the end of orientation